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Stud Name:  Camjerie

Membership Number:  681

Member Email:  camjerie@gmail.com

Location:  Te Awamutu

Phone Number:  0211713240

Herd Book Number (Registration)  5573

NAIT Number  262620-5


Reluctant sale of small herd - 4 cows (2 cows with calves at foot) and 4 heifers for sale. Also steers



Asking Price  $700

Date Posted13/04/19

TB Status


Biosecurity Act


3 x Cows (Vetted in Calf) & 2 x 2018 Born Calves

Stud Name:  Lexith

Membership Number:  1071

Member Email:  alex.bromham@gmail.com

Location:  Te Kuiti

Phone Number:  07 8786985

Herd Book Number (Registration)

7209, 7339, 7406, 7874, 7876

NAIT Number:  12375790


Lexith Dexter Stud have the following Dexters for sale. All are extremely calm and very friendly.

Te Kowhai Alexi. Black, Long legged. Dehorned. Born 16 Oct 15. Vetted in calf, due Sep/Oct 19.

Hlalapansi Betelgeuse. Black, Long legged. Dehorned. Born 13 Sep 16. Vetted in calf, due Sep/Oct 19. Can be purchased either with or without her heifer calf for an extra $500.

Calf is Lexith Azelea born 16 Sep 18. She is a Long Leg, black, polled calf.

Pirongia View Sophie. Black Long Legged. Dehorned. Born 25 Aug 15. Vetted in calf, due Sep/Oct 19. Can be purchased either with or without her heifer calf for an extra $550.

Calf is Lexith Poppy born 16 Oct 18. She is a Short Leg, black, polled calf.

All prices are GST incl.

We are located in the King Country, 20 minutes drive South of Te Kuiti.


Alexi  front profile       Azalea and Betel      Sophie and Poppy

Asking Price

$950 in calf cows. $550 calves

Date Posted:  14/05/19

TB Status: CM (Clear Monitor)

Biosecurity Act


Bull For Sale

Stud Name:  Pearson

Membership Number:  1114

Member Email:  pearsondexters@gmail.com

Location:  Whanganui

Phone Number:  0223156554

Herd Book Number (Registration)


NAIT Number:  817721


Lovely quiet bull. 4 months old. By Rakaunui Kahurangi out of Thistle Down Hebe. Well-muscled soft coated boy. BD2 positive.



Asking Price:  $750

Date Posted:  06/03/19

TB Status:  C9

Biosecurity Act:  Yes

7x Purebred yearling Heifers

Stud Name:  Rolling Hills

Membership Number:  267

Member Email:  jwalst@xtra.co.nz

Location:  Kerikeri

Phone Number:  09 4071508 / 027 6718609

Herd Book Number (Registration)

7628, 7629, 7630, 7631, 7633, 7635, 7636,

NAIT Number



This line of 7x yearling heifers have been with the bull since November, so expected to be in-calf.
They are well grown, even in size and with good conformation.
6x black. 1x red. All dehorned as calves.
Bull is tested chondrodysplasia neg.
Photo is of some of the group only.

$800+GST ea.

(We have sold land so are needing to downsize our herd.)



Asking Price:  $800+GST

Date Posted:  14/02/19

TB Status:  C4

Biosecurity Act:  Yes




Stud Name:  Classen Road

Membership Number:  813

Member Email:  gailaiken20@gmail.com

Location:  Hokianga

Phone Number: 094057787

Herd Book Number (Registration)  #7762

NAIT Number  18113251


Sire Charming Ceasar HB# 6768, dam Ruby HB# 4493
Black, horned, nice nature. Should produce red and black calves. Friendly and inquisitive. Strong, healthy and growing well. Keen to do his job! We need to sell Obsidian quickly as having two bulls isn't ideal so may consider price reduction to the right home. Only want to sell within the north


Asking Price  $800

Date Posted  06/02/19

TB Status  C8

Biosecurity Act  Yes

7 x Purebred Calves

Stud Name:  Rolling Hills

Membership Number:  267

Member Email: jwalst@xtra.co.nz

Location:  Kerikeri

Phone Number

09 4071508 / 027 6718609

Herd Book Number (Registration)

7798. 7800. 7799. 7796. 7797. 7802. 7803.

NAIT Number



Complete line of 7x spring calves, born Aug-Sept 2018
All purebred, well grown with good conformation.
6x red and 1x black, mixture of polled and dehorned.
Photo is of some of the group.

Please contact us for further information.



Asking Price:  $500+GST each

Date Posted:  26/01/19

TB Status


Biosecurity Act



Rakaunui Kahurangi

Membership Number:  1165

Member Email:  davethekiwibloke@gmail.com

Location: Rangiora (Christchurch)

Phone Number:  (021) 273-6789

Herd Book Number (Registration):  7334

NAIT Number:  292214


Kahu is a beautifully natured, solid, playful and of course virile wee guy. He is just over three years old (Oct 2015), solid black and has fathered one registered black calf from a red cow, plus many more to various other unwed mothers. He is a short, solid fella, well muscled and has no health issues that I am aware of.

His temperament is so mild, he will take hay from your hand and submit to a head scratch if there's a snack involved, he's very easy to handle and loads onto a horse float without any problem. A perfect gentleman in the paddock.

I am only selling him very reluctantly as my supply of grazing and girls for him has gone due to personal circumstances (not my own) and I simply do not have the land available to keep him as happy as he deserves. He has been a part of our family and I would like to see him enjoy life with someone who will care for and love him as much as we do.

I can transport him myself to within a few hours drive of Rangiora for a nominal mileage fee.



Asking Price $950+GST

Date Posted:  18/01/19

TB Status:  CM - No Test Required Until 2020

Biosecurity Act:  Yes


6 Dexter cows Born Sept 2015 + Crossbred Calves to Registered Lowline Bull


Stud Name          Wild Country Farms

Membership Number    1140

Member Email   kellys@mangawhaiheads.co.nz

Location               0951

Phone Number  0273633727

Herd Book Number (Registration)             4078090

NAIT Number     853507

Comment            Cows X 6 - Red, Polled, PB Pure breed.

Gilnockie Wee Anna - HB# 7375

Gilnockie Wee Dani - HB# 7373

Gilnockie Wee Macey - HB# 7371

Gilnockie Wee Fani - HB# 7377

Gilnockie Wee Tastic - HB# 7376

 Gilnockie Wee Bamjaree - HB# 7374


With or without calf to Registered Lowline Bull. Cow born Sept 2015, Closed herd so Mycoplasma free, TB TestedMarch 2017, Property Rating C2

Calves - 5 Steers + 1 Heifer

Without calf - $850 each or

Cow & Calf $1150

Calf only $400


Asking Price        $850 each cow, Cow & Calf $1150 , Calf only $400

Date Posted       14/01/19

TB Status             C2

Biosecurity Act Yes

Kerry Glen Ruby


Listing Title:  Kerry Glen Ruby

Stud Name:  Hawkridge

Membership Number:  1183

Member Email:  phoenix10@xtra.co.nz

Location:  Rerewhakaaitu

Phone Number:  021585050

Herd Book Number (Registration):  7665

NAIT Number:  12484928


dob - 4.8.17
Polled, lovely nature , fully vaccinated



Asking Price:  $800 plus gst

Date Posted:  04/01/19

TB Status:  CM

Biosecurity Act:  Yes


Hawkridge Aoife


Listing Title:  Hawkridge Aoife

Stud Name:  Hawkridge

Membership Number:  1183

Member Email:  phoenix10@xtra.co.nz

Location:  Rerewhakaitu

Phone Number:  021585050

Herd Book Number (Registration)pending

NAIT Number:  12484928


DOB 16.8.18
Sire - Cherry Oak Lorenzo
Dam - Valley Hills Amethyst Bentford
Polled, mother is short legged but she looks to be long legged, lovely girl , ready to go February



Asking Price  $650 plus gst

Date Posted   03/01/19

TB Status  CM

Biosecurity Act