Benefits of Dexters

Dexter cattle have an excellent reputation when it comes to milk, meat quality and disposition. The compact breed is a productive animal, with the meat being high quality, lean and tender. Those who taste it always come back for more!

Here's an excellent rundown on Dexters as published in the September 2016 issue of Canterbury Farming.  Thanks to Andy Bryenton of NorthSouth Multi Media Ltd for permission to reproduce his article:

Dexter Cattle Article September 2016

The Dexter Cattle Society

The Dexter Cattle Society of New Zealand (DCSNZ) was established in 2000 to help facilitate the development of the breed. At this time two existing groups of Dexter Breeders (New Zealand Dexter Breeders’ Association – NZDBA & Dexter Cattle Society of New Zealand – DCSNZ) amalgamated to form the Dexter Cattle Society of New Zealand (DCSNZ). This Society then became incorporated, forming the Dexter Society we have today (DCSNZ Inc). In December 2023, there were approximately 880 live Dexter cattle recorded in the Herd Registry.

Access to our Herd Registry is available to anyone interested via the following link:  DCSNZ Herd Registry


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